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ECO provide’s the expertise and knowledge to make the process of engine certification efficient and effective. Our experts will lead you through the labyrinth of emissions regulations and provide you with a precise path of action, alleviating unnecessary legal and financial burdens.

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ECO, Inc. is the world’s leading engine and vehicle emissions certification consulting firm, specializing in certification management and regulatory analysis for on-road and off-road engine, vehicle, and equipment manufacturers. Composed of mechanical engineering experts, and certification specialists who work exclusively in the area of emissions compliance, ECO will provide added value and a significant cost savings to your EPA and CARB regulatory compliance programs.

Founded in 1999 by the firm’s current president, Joshua R. Pietak, ECO has worked in primary and ancillary roles consulting with the world’s leading engine, vehicle and equipment manufacturers for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on the working relationships we have developed over the years with the California ARB and U.S EPA. Leveraging these long term relationships, we can help your company obtain Executive Orders and Certificates of Conformity in the most timely and cost effective manner possible.

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