CARB Announces Rule-making Regarding Small Off-Road Engine Regulations

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What is S.O.R.E.?

The small off-road engine (SORE) category consists of off-road spark-ignition engines that produce 19 kilowatts gross power or less (25 horsepower or less), including lawn and garden, industrial, logging, airport ground support, and commercial utility equipment, golf carts, and specialty vehicles.

This Will Affect You...

Looking to promote the adoption of zero emission equipment, CARB is working to set emission standards for smog-forming pollutants to zero for all new model year equipment by 2024, except for portable generators, which would begin in 2028. 

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You’re going to want a voice in this and we’re that voice.

What Falls Under S.O.R.E. Classification?

  • Lawn and garden
  • Industrial
  • Logging
  • Airport ground support
  • Commercial utility equipment
  • Golf carts
  • Specialty vehicles

Small Engines In California

Small off-road engines (SORE) are spark-ignition engines rated at or below 19 kilowatts. Engines in this category are primarily used for lawn, garden, and other outdoor power equipment. The population of small engines in California (16.7 million) is greater than that of light-duty passenger cars (13.7 million) and is
comprised of 77% residential lawn and garden equipment, 9% commercial lawn and garden
equipment, 11% federally regulated construction/farming equipment, and 3% other
equipment types (e.g., generators, utility carts).

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CARB actions to reduce emissions

Because of California’s ongoing air quality challenges, additional emissions reductions are needed from small engines. In 2020, CARB will consider new standards for small engines to help California meet its goal of reducing smog-forming pollutant emissions from mobile sources by 80 percent in 2031. Significant emission reductions will be achieved through a combination of regulatory and incentive approaches, and a major shift to zero-emission equipment will be needed to meet the 80 percent reduction goal.