The United States EPA requires equipment manufacturers (OEMS) to apply for evaporative certification compliance on any small spark ignited engine-based equipment that they produce, where the OEM will supply the fuel tank and lines under 40 CFR Part 1060. The California Air Resources Board has adopted their own set of Evaporative Emission Requirements for Off-Road Equipment i.e. design based certification and performance based certification under 13 CCR, Sections 2754.

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ECO staff provide turn-key support and evaporative certification services. ECO is not just a consulting group, it is a full service certification support team.

Our process begins as we interface with the client to understand the company’s current products, and future development activities, as they relate to evaporative emission control regulations in North America. We can then connect with agency certification engineers to determine correct path for OEM based on product design needs. The next steps involve working with you to develop a regulatory framework to benefit the company’s product planning, production, and marketing efforts as related to evaporative emissions compliance.

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ECO provides deep experience and knowledge in developing effective certification plans.