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Audits Are A Good Thing

In the world of business we often associate audits with bad things. However, for original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) an audit is not only necessary, it can be a company and image saving risk management tool. Volkswagen, Fiat, GM and Daimler are just a few of the major brands out there under intense scrutiny from regulatory bodies in the United States. Apart from the notable cases there are numerous ongoing enforcement cases from agencies within the United States. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) were both left looking a little foolish by these brands. In response to recent scandals both the EPA and CARB have really stepped up their enforcement activity.

At ECO we understand the space around regulatory compliance for OEM’s can be confusing and often viewed as low priority. However, as our compliance team can attest, failure to maintain regulatory compliance can result in very costly and damaging interactions with both the EPA and CARB.  ECO, Inc. is now providing, no cost, regulatory compliance audits for OEM’s interested in improving their regulatory compliance programs. ECO, Inc. is the world’s leading engine and vehicle emissions certification consulting firm, specializing in certification management and regulatory analysis for on-road and off-road engine, vehicle, and equipment manufacturers. Composed of mechanical engineering experts, and certification specialists who work exclusively in the area of emissions compliance, ECO will provide added value and a significant cost savings to your EPA and CARB regulatory compliance programs.

You can start the audit process yourself by visiting this page:

What to Expect From The ECO Audit

The regulatory compliance audit has been developed to help law firms, OEM’s and even regulatory agencies, quickly assess the regulatory burden under which a certain organization operates. Users will need to input very basic information regarding their company and supply a valid email to the audit team. Our group will then review public information along with any notes supplied by the user. The final product will be a full articulation of the burden of regulatory compliance applicable and several suggestions concerning next steps.

Because we will only have very general information of your company these audits will only consist of a scope of regulatory burden, they will not involve a review of your internal practices. However, should you feel there are significant gaps in your internal practices and the report you receive from our team, we encourage you to seek further advice and engage with our team in order to avoid fines and fees.

ECO, Inc. exists to empower companies and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed. Our value lies in bringing clarity to the confusing and opaque process of maintaining regulatory compliance for OEM’s. We serve some of the largest companies in the world and are proud to be an internationally recognized for our work.