The United States EPA regulates emissions of air pollution from mobile and stationary sources under the Clean Air Act (CAA). Motor vehicle engines and off-road vehicles and engines must meet CAA emissions standards. These standards apply to cars, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles and engines, generators, farm and construction machines, lawn and garden equipment, marine engines and locomotives. In addition, the composition of fuels used to operate mobile sources, including gasoline, diesel, ethanol, biodiesel and blends of these fuels, are also regulated under the CAA. Ongoing compliance requires both intimate knowledge and vigilant monitoring of these regulations.

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ECO maintains an active eye on regulations impacting engine and equipment manufacturers. Our team has participated in developing some very important regulations including OBD and crafting the process for hybrid certification.

Every year the EPA and CARB collect upwards of 30 million dollars in fines and penalties from OEM’s. ECO, Inc. performs audits of engine and equipment OEM’s in order to ensure that your organization avoids that situation. Our process involves examining your historical compliance needs and efforts, addressing your current compliance needs and preparing for future regulatory requirements.

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Get a better perspective on the regulations impacting your company. Gain a clear vision of what is up ahead.

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