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EV Spotlight: Atlis Motor Vehicles Changes Name To Nxu, Seeks To Focus On The Challenge Of Powering Electric Trucks

Founded in 2018, Atlis has been focused on developing electric vehicle technology for heavy and light duty work trucks used in agriculture, service, utility, and construction industries, and that’s what it has been known for. But, along the way, Atlis has gotten a lot deeper into battery technology than many EV companies, and this apparently has transformed the company.

Atlis will rebrand as Nxu, Inc. (pronounced: “new”), a move that more closely aligns with the Company’s focus on developing technology to make electrification viable for mobility and infrastructure.

According to the company’s website, it figured out along the way that successfully electrifying the truck industry was a much bigger and wider challenge than it appeared to be at first. Electric trucks needed better battery technology to keep up with diesel trucks (or even beat them), along with on-site charging, energy storage, and many other things. So, Atlis decided to shift its main focus away from trucks for now, and will go back to vehicles and other mobility solutions once a whole ecosystem is ready to support them.

“At Nxu, we are driving an energy revolution by building energy solutions that enable a faster transition to an electric future,” says Nxu CEO and Founder Mark Hanchett. “Imagine not having to stop for hours to recharge during your family RV road trip or worrying about how to transition your business’s fleet from diesel to electric. The path towards this future begins with a hard reboot to existing battery and charging solutions and Nxu will pave the way through development of electric battery cells, battery packs, energy storage solutions and the world’s first megawatt (MW) charging stations, starting with the delivery of the Qube battery pack.”

Legacy electric batteries that power many of today’s vehicles have low range due to limitations in energy density and require long charge cycles. Nxu’s Qube, with its proprietary cells, is intended to address these challenges by allowing vehicles that use Nxu’s battery pack to charge faster, go farther, and have an extended lifespan. In addition, the Company’s energy solutions can be used to power various mobility products, residential and commercial energy storage systems, and charging infrastructure.

“Nxu’s vertically integrated approach is designed to generate value for our shareholders and our customers across all levels of the value chain,” said Nxu President, Annie Pratt. “The company is committed to a milestone-driven strategy that prioritizes delivering the first battery packs and generating revenue this Summer.”

The company’s official website is now www.nxu.inc. The rebrand is part of a corporate reorganization to a holding company structure scheduled to close May 11, 2023 after a shareholder vote on May 9, 2023. Outstanding stock certificates will not be affected by the name change and will not need to be exchanged. All stock trading, filings and market-related information will be reported under the new corporate name and ticker symbol.

About Nxu

Nxu, Inc. is a vertically integrated technology company leveraging its intellectual properties and U.S.-manufactured battery innovations to support e-Mobility and energy storage solutions.

The Nxu Ecosystem will consist of industry leading Battery Cell and Pack technologies, Grid Level Energy Storage Solutions, Charging Infrastructure, Platform and Medium-Duty Electric Mobility Solutions, and Over-Air Cloud Management – all wrapped in Nxu’s seamless subscription-based models. For more information, visit www.nxu.inc.