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DMS Is Switching To
CARB eFile

Although DMS has been instrumental in the efficient submittal of documents by manufacturers and the tracking of the review process, it will be replaced by a new electronic document management system called CARB eFILE.

ECO Inc. are experts in the field of DMS certification document submissions and will be a large asset to any manufacturer in need of assistance with system transition process.

Application Submission Window Opens In


Who Is Required To Use DMS

Usage of the CARB DMS is required for all manufacturers seeking certification of new mobile source categories of motor vehicles and engines:

  • Passenger cars
  • Light‑duty trucks
  • Medium‑duty vehicles
  • On‑road and off‑road motorcycles
  • All‑terrain vehicles
  • On‑road heavy‑duty engines and vehicles
  • Trailers
  •  Off‑road compression‑ignition engines
  • Aerodynamic devices
  • Zero‑emission powertrains
  • Small off‑road engines
  • Large spark‑ignition engines
  • Spark‑ignition marine engines


Manufacturers of new motor vehicles and engines must show compliance with the California emission requirements before they are legal for sale, use, or registration in the state. To show compliance, manufacturers must supply applications and supporting documents to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for certification of their vehicles and engines.

Traditionally, manufacturers have submitted these documents in paper format. They are reviewed by the certification staff and stored at CARB. To reduce the bulk of paper and facilitate the review of documents, CARB has introduced an electronic document management system (CARB DMS). It is an electronic system that allows manufacturers to send via the internet the certification documents to CARB. The CARB DMS collects the documents and routes them to staff for review. Manufacturers may track the progress of their certification and receive approval notification electronically.

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