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We might be engine certification experts but were also champions of emissions reductions. Consumer sedan EV’s are more popular than ever but a growing trend of EV light-weight and heavy duty trucks are entering the market and making waves. Here’s six EV Trucks we’re keeping our eye on:

GMC Hummer EV

Hummer EV

Touted as the “World’s First zero emissions, zero limits all-electric supertruck”, the Hummer EV is an impressive return to market for the Hummer brand which announced it would stop production in 2010. The big, bold traditional hummer design infused with futuristic sleek, modestly aerodynamic look have produced an impressive looking EV solution. It has an estimated range of 350 miles per charge and a 100 mile charge in 10 minutes claim.

Features like “crabwalk”, the ability to drive diagonally and “ultravision,” the underbody camera system definitely lend credence to the zero limits claim of an all-terrain EV solution. It has plenty of impressive off-road specs that will give any Jeep or Bronco owner a run for their money.

As far as true truck specs go the Hummer EV boasts 1,000HP and 11,500 lb of ft. torque. That’s some pulling power. Not to mention the 0-60 in 3 seconds speed. Don’t look to the Hummer EV as a work truck with a short 4ft. bed but it’s definitely ample to carry your camping gear out into the wilderness.

Coming to market: 2021
Staring Price: $112,595
Edition 1 Hummers reservations are currently full. Hummer EV3X, EV2x and EV2 reservations are now open with release dates starting in 2022.


Atlis XT Pickup Truck

Atlis XT

A new player in the automotive market, Atlis Motor Vehicles has a lot promise to match their rollout vehicles style and capabilities. Right off the bat you can tell this isn’t a status symbol EV truck creation but a work horse in the making. The three models available all say “worker”; pickup, flatbed and dually.

Choose from a 300, 400 or 500 mile range version. The Atlis Pickup XT has an impressive max 17,000 lb towing (trailer hitch), 35,000 lb towing (fifth wheel, gooseneck) and 5,000 lb payload specs. A 0-60mph estimate of 5 seconds is pretty impressive as well but really has us impressed – 15 minute full charging time!

A strong style, a functional vehicle and modern cab design and features make this a standout “must watch” player in the EV truck game.

Coming to market: 2021
Starting Price: $45,000
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Bollinger B2

Bollinger B2

As far as aerodynamic design goes you can say the Bollinger B2 is on the opposite spectrum of the Tesla Truck concept. Yet, this sturdy, tank-like presentation is working for Bollinger Motors and now the B2 takes it up a notch from it’s younger B1 brother.

With specs like 614HP, 668 ft-lb torque, 7,500lb towing capacity and 5,000 lb payload capacity the Bollinger is an ox in the field. The 200 mile range is far less than some of the other trucks featured here but what it lacks in range it makes up for in features that definitely let you know this is an EV truck that means business.

Coming to market: 2022
Starting Price: $125,000
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Ford Electric F-150

Ford F-150 EV

Currently in the prototype testing phase, the Ford’s electric version of the popular F-150 model looks very promising as a mass market EV truck option on the road. While little hard data is known about the EV F-150, Ford has teased the future saying the electric pickup will have dual electric motors, will support over-the-air updates, and will provide more horsepower and torque and the fastest acceleration of any F-150 currently on the market.

Backing up their “built in America” campaign, the F-150 electric pickup will be assembled in a new EV facility at Ford’s Rouge Center in Dearborn, Michigan, and the batteries it will use will also be produced there.

In 2019 Ford staged a “towing capacity” stunt with a prototype version pulling a 1,000,000-pound section of train cars loaded with F-150s. While the production model will most likely provide much lower specs, the potential is still impressive.

Coming to market: 2023
Staring Price: $70,000  (estimated)


Rivian R1T

Rivian R1T

With a much more futuristic front-end design than competitor concepts the Rivian R1T is an EV truck for the modern adventurer. A mix between SUV and light-body truck the Rivian looks to take hold in the growing overlander marketplace with style, comfort and features.

The Rivian fulfills all the modern creature comforts including WiFi, 4G data capabilities, Elevation 360° audio and an awe inspiring panoramic roof. It will also come with Driver+, a driving assistance system familiar with current Tesla model owners.

At launch, the R1T will deliver 300+ miles. In January 2022, a 400+ mile R1T will be available.

If you’re a true weekender this looks to be your EV ride!

Coming to market: 2021 (future models 2022)
Starting Price: $75,000
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Lordstown Endurance

Lordstown Endurance

As truck commercial grade pick-up, the Lordstown Endurance looks to enter the light to heavy duty EV truck marketplace with a splash. Not just a work truck, the Endurance boasts true 4-wheel capability to go along with the exclusive 4-wheel hub motor design.

The Endurance has a competitive 250+ mile range and 30-90 minute charge time (level 3). No lightweight, the Endurance has a 7,500lb towing capacity and 600HP specs.

Lordstown Motors is located in Lordstown, Ohio, and is based in the former Lordstown Assembly which previously belonged to General Motors. A true “made in America” product that looks to be a tough competitor with a modest entry price and long term production goals.

Coming to market: 2021
Starting price: $52,500