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Q2 Success Recap – ECO Gets Three Companies Ready For Market

It was a successful Q2 for ECO’s clients looking to get their certifications and prepare to get their products to market.

Global Power Technologies

Success Story #1: ECO Secures Global Power Technologies EPA Certificate Of Conformity

In May the ECO team delivered our client Global Power Technologies great news that we had secured their EPA Certificate of Conformity for their spark-ignited engine platform.

From 5w to 10kW, Global Power Technologies is the most experienced manufacturer and supplier of ultra-reliable and cost effective off-grid power solutions to the most remote and environmentally challenging places on Earth.

The work doesn’t stop there, the ECO team will continue to work with the team throughout the year to ensure that production counts and other reporting requirements are fulfilled and submitted to the agency on time, and will look forward to the first carryover process later this summer for the upcoming 2023MY re-certification.

Hyzon Motors

Success Story #2: ECO Secures Hyzon Motors CARB Executive Order

Riding the May success wave, ECO helped secure the CARB Executive Order for their Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks ensuring that Hyzon can continue forging ahead as a leader in the long range, semi-trailer trucks providing 500mi range with zero emissions.

Hyzon Motors develops zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles with leading fuel cell technology. A low-cost, clean hydrogen infrastructure approach synchronizes supply with demand, putting clean trucks on the road faster.

Learn more – https://www.hyzonmotors.com/


Success Story #3: ECO Secures Vicinity Motors Corp. EPA Certification

Concluding Q2 the ECO team successfully helped Vicinity achieve EPA certification which now opens the doors for Vicinity to get their vehicles on the road by the end of the year.

Vicinity Motor Corporation, based in British Columbia is a passenger bus and truck manufacturer looking to enter the EV industry with their model EV-28, a fully electric passenger bus.

Learn more – https://www.globalte.com/