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Headquartered in Minnesota, Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. is a manufacturer of fully configurable electric work trucks. With a goal to successfully certify their fully electric Z-19 and Z-22 models Federally and in the state of California, Zeus and ECO teams have now achieved EPA/CARB certification, with additional zero-emission models to follow in the coming months.

With their new California Executive Order certificates approved, Zeus has made the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) eligibility list that was just released last week. Zeus has also confirmed purchase orders with their first customer, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). Zeus is set to deliver five zero-emission trucks to SMUD in May, and each of the five unique vehicles in the first shipment will be configured to fit SMUD’s specific needs.

About Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc.
Zeus Electric Chassis is a Minnesota owned & operated manufacturer specializing in environmentally responsible electric trucks. They are designed by Zeus Electric Chassis with a long and extensive background in the medium duty truck, specialty vehicle and electric vehicle industries. They are modular, ultra-low maintenance, rugged purpose-built electric and hybrid vocational work truck chassis that will perform for at least a DECADE. They are also engineered for maximum performance and ease of repair should a vehicle become damaged

The trucks could be equipped with an articulating arm and bucket used by utility workers to repair power lines. Additionally, the truck is expected to have an electric range of 180 miles, enough for urban utilities. The truck is rated at 5-ton payload capacity 19.5GVWR with an average cost of 11 cents per mile.


About ECO
With ECO’s in-depth knowledge and systematic approach to navigate intricate regulatory issues, we quickly gain control of the certification processes in order to bring our clients innovative products to the marketplace efficiently and cost-effectively.