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Production Line Testing for OEMs

Production line testing is a compliance requirement which applies to all OEMs. This requirement is one that must be satisfied for both the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Production line testing requirements stipulate that quarterly reports must be sent to the EPA and CARB. These reports are to include a list of critical information including the following:

  • Describe any facility used to test production-line engines and state its location.
  • State the total U.S.-directed production volume and number of tests for each engine family.
  • Describe how you randomly selected engines.
  • Describe each test engine, including the engine family’s identification and the engine’s model year, build date, model number, identification number, and number of hours of operation before testing.
  • Identify how you accumulated hours of operation on the engines and describe the procedure and schedule you used.
  • Provide the test number; the date, time and duration of testing; test procedure; all initial test results; final test results; and final deteriorated test results for all tests. Provide the emission results for all measured pollutants. Include information for both valid and invalid tests and the reason for any invalidation.
  • Describe completely and justify any nonroutine adjustment, modification, repair, preparation, maintenance, or test for the test engine if you did not report it separately under this subpart. Include the results of any emission measurements, regardless of the procedure or type of equipment.
  • Provide the CumSum analysis required in § 1048.315 and the sample-size calculation required in § 1048.310 for each engine family.
  • Report on each failed engine as described in § 1048.320.
  • State the date the calendar quarter ended for each engine family.

ECO has developed turnkey reporting software which satisfies this reporting requirement. Our team currently supports the PLT process for many of the world’s leading OEMs. We collaborate closely with our partner carbonBLU to provide high quality testing services when appropriate. All of this means that ECO, Inc. can provide the most cost efficient PLT management services on the market. Collaborate with us, and you can get back to what you do best: running your company.