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On April 1, 2022, new and modified mobile source certification and compliance fees (MS Fees) will be due upon submittal of the application for mobile source certification.

The Mobile Source Certification Fee Regulation was approved by the Board in April 2021 and will be implemented beginning April 1, 2022. The regulatory support documents for the Mobile Source Certification and Compliance Fee regulation are available on the Rulemaking Activity web page. This page summarizes the regulatory activity, outreach, and other activities for the implementation of the Mobile Source Certification and Compliance Fees.

This update adds certification fees to the following categories:


  • On-Road Vehicles/Engines and GHG Trailers/Components (ON)
  • Off-Road Vehicles, Engines and Equipment (OFF)
  • Evaporative Components and portable fuel containers (EVAP)
  • Aftermarket Parts (AMP)
  • Diesel Emission Control Strategy (DECS)
  • At-Berth Alternative Controls (AB)


CARB  expects this will add about 9-14 days to the overall existing certification process, and requires a series of back and forth steps to complete. ECO is working with CARB to identify potential obstacles with the system and address questions from our manufacturers on this process.  At the moment, we have a few key points to summarize:


  1. Manufacturers will be required to have a FI$Cal account, and ECO staff will be working with CARB to get these accounts set up for your company.
  2. A draft invoice must be composed and sent to CARB staff each year or new submission, which will reference your FI$Cal account number.
  3. CARB will review the draft invoice, and if complete, provide a Final invoice which includes a unique invoice number and date of issuance.
  4. Wait 5 business days, per CARB requirements.
  5. Make payment to the agency, provide certifying rep with payment date and invoice number.
  6. Once all fees have been received and confirmed (9-14 days by CARB estimates), then the application review process will begin.


It is important to note that the fees increase slightly with each year from 2023 to 2025, and then maintain the 2025 prices moving forward.  Below is an example of the off-road SORE evaporative family cert fee prices by model year.


Category Base Fee Low CA Production Fee Partial Carry-over Carry-over
2023MY SORE evaporative family $606 N/A $303 $303
2024MY SORE evaporative family $909 N/A $455 $303
2025MY SORE evaporative family and beyond $1212 N/A $606 $303


CARB has confirmed that 2022MY families and running changes will NOT be subject to this fee, only 2023MY applications and beyond. We’ll be working with CARB over the next few weeks to get the FI$Cal account information squared away, and develop a new process to integrate this into our CARB submission workflow, so we appreciate your patience while this is being ironed out.